Bath Salts (Moon Child)

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Himalayan and sea salt rock crystals form the base of our range of bath soaks.

In ‘Moon Child’ we have blended the more unusual white Himalayan salts with our sea crystals in a poetically inspired experience. The scent is a rich honey floral and the true alchemy happens when the botanicals are warmed through in the hot bath tub water, transforming to a blue that strengthens and darkens over time. This is a totally natural phenomenon more famously enjoyed in tea. The colour change inspired me to see parallels with oceans and skies that would make for a magical home spa experience. 

To complement the transformative theme, we have also added butterfly pea  petals as this plant also changes colours depending on its environment - in this case, the acid/alkali balance in the soil. 

Bathing is about cleansing and the salts have that function, but bathing rituals also engage the imagination and add a restorative and relaxing focus. 

Sold by weight and sent in kraft sealed sachets.