Tuberose Face Cream, Immaculate Emulsion

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Light and effective skin cream that goes on like a serum.  It smells fabulous and works well. Use as often as needed. A little goes a long way.

We use lavender flower water - not just plain water. This adds the therapeutic benefits to the skin of this classic plant, as well as it’s divine scent.

Grapeseed and vitamin E oils add moisture without being heavy and clogging.  

Rose hip oil is rich in vitamins A and E which are excellent for skin renewal and therefore improve skin quality. It also adds the colour to our emulsion.

Roses are reputed to have restorative and soothing powers for skin that is delicate, sensitive, aggravated or has had a lot of birthday parties.

All ingredients are vegan. Some are certified organic but not all so we don’t label the product as ‘organic.’

Each tiny batch is made by hand to maintain quality and freshness. Shelf life approximately 1 year  Use within 3 months of opening ideally.


Please note that it is up to you to check suitability of this product for you. Natural is wonderful but does not mean allergy-free. Please read the ingredients before purchase


aloe leaf juice, organic grape seed oil, organic rose hip oil,organic lavender flower water, tuberose flower wax, vitamin E, benzoyl alcohol, salicylic acid, vegetable glycerine, sorbic acid