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Rainbow Gemstone Necklace

Rainbow Gemstone Necklace

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Chakra style rainbow drop gemstone necklace.

As the mood shifts in 2021 to a more hopeful future, I want to celebrate with a small collection of pieces that celebrate this transition.

This dainty and colourful necklace (52cm total) been hand wired in 14k durable gold fill, using antique and vintage gemstones that I collect. They have been hung in the order of the chakras:

Crown Chakra: amethyst

Third Eye Chakra: lapis lazuli 

Throat Chakra: kyanite

Heart Chakra: chrysoprase (a small liberty because it’s my favourite stone)

Solar Plexis Chakra: citrine

Sacral Chakra: carnelian

Root Chakra: garnet


The full drop is 6cm. They are light and comfortable to wear and dangle beautifully.

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