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Paper flower art by DINAH DUFTON.  Cut flowers symbolising Earth’s values. Original artwork.  Hand cut paper flowers are pin displayed delicately into a circle. On mountboard and box framed. The full title is "Money makes the world go round, but you can't take it with you."

These pieces seem more significant now, in quarantine when values are being deeply reassessed.  In accordance with the artists support pledge set up by Matthew Burrows, I am reducing the price of these for the duration of quarantine.

Made to order, so please allow for this when purchasing.  Each one will be similar but not identical to the ones illustrated.  Available on white background with white box frame or black background with black box frame.  Outside frame size 32x32cm. Supplied with a simple hanging hook on the back.

PLEASE NOTE: IF THE MENU DOESN’T WORK, PLEASE ADD A NOTE OR EMAIL halofhove@gmail.com WITH YOUR BLACK/WHITE PREFERENCE. Apologies, my website is having a mild panic attack x