Room Fragrance (incense sticks)

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Hand grown and macerated Hieorchloe Odorata (holy grass/sweet grass) incense sticks. 

These are a labour of love. This grass grows freely on American plains but is very little known in the UK though one of my favourite plants. This unassuming and delicate grass gets its name from the intense coumarin uplifting sweet grass (literally!) odour it releases and I have been growing it for two years. I dry it then soak it for months to release the scent. Once the plain makko sticks are made and dry, they are soaked for two days in the natural perfume, to maximise absorption. Makko is made from a wood pulp from Japan, called Machillus Thumbergii and has the wonderful property of becoming sticky when mixed with water. This is an ancient method for making incense bases.

The scent is surprisingly light and fresh for incense.

Used historically by indigenous Americans for ritual and ceremonial purposes, it is gaining in general popularity for smudging.

You will get 10 sticks that are 13” long.  I use minimum packaging.