Loose Incense Sachet
Loose Incense Sachet
Loose Incense Sachet

Loose Incense Sachet

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A taster blend of natural loose incense.

Loose incense is a very exciting natural means of creating aromas.  Conventionally, blends of herbs, woods, resins and spices are combined, but can happily be used on their own for a single note. The history of incense is ancient and found throughout the world; used medicinally, ceremonially and for pleasure.

To use:

1. The smoky way: sprinkle a small choice of materials picked out from the blend onto a prepared and lit incense charcoal and enjoy. The ceremonial and smudge experience.

2. The indirect way: place some resins, woods and botanicals in a wax melter for a softer, more diffused experience. You can add a few drops of base carrier oil like jojoba or simple vegetable oil,  to help release the aromatics from the drier materials. The sachet may be small but there are many sessions to be had from it.  A little goes a long way.

7x5cm mixed sachet. Comprises frankincense, palo Santo, *sandalwood aroma block shavings, cedar wood leaves, white sage, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cedar wood shavings, star anise, cloves and dried orange.

*see the separate listing for Aroma Blocks for the full ingredients list