Petal Power Face Steam

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All natural face steam harnessing the power of natural botanicals (rose, lavender, calendula, butterfly pea, verbena, orange peel) and eucalyptus  essential oil nestles in this disarmingly powerful skin treat. There is nothing aggressive here and it cleans the skin as it gently unblocks the nose. Without touching your skin, impurities are drawn out and the distilled plant extracts are taken up directly. 

Please use caution using hot water. For safety, we do not advise for children.

30ml tube. 2-4 uses.

To use: pour some boiled water over about half the contents in a heat proof bowl placed on a secure surface. Keep animals and children away. With your hair tied back, Place your nude face over the bowl with a tea towel covering your head and the bowl like a tent. Do NOT put your face in the scalding water. Maybe have some calming music on and RELAX. Let the steaming go to work as you enjoy the aromas. 

As with any product, if you feel discomfort, stop use. Also, natural does not mean allergy-free so please read contents carefully. 


rosebuds and petals,lavender flowers, helichrysum, calendula, orange peel, juniper berries, black tea, cypress leaves, mallow, verbena, fennel seeds, hibiscus, Hyacinthus Orientalis