Reed Diffusers (50ml)
Reed Diffusers (50ml)

Reed Diffusers (50ml)

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Reed diffuser room fragrances. My range is hand made and authentically blended from Nature’s finest raw materials, essential oils and aroma chemicals from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.  50ml diffusers with 6 fibre reed diffuser sticks, which give superior performance over rattan sticks. 

I use a vegan base, a recent breakthrough that is renewable, sustainable, better for the environment and VOC compliant. 

The current range is inspired by books and authors I love. It’s an eclectic library and it’s very personal. Each fragrance is an imaginary olfactory interpretation of characters, locations and lasting impressions that these books have left with me. 

My background is as a professional fine artist (ongoing - life isn’t linear) and as a literature graduate. I’m pulling together these skill sets and passions to make the best smells I can make. 

CERVANTES. Inspired by Don Quixote, the scent of a caballero and the land itself. Oranges, fig leaves, the National flower of Spain (carnation,) spices, musk, leather, a little dust.

ROSE. Gertrude Stein, not Shakespeare, but what’s in a name. Three roses. 

HUBB. Arabian Love Poems by Nizar Qabbani (translated.) A sandalwood notes with sparkling soft grapefruit kisses

MANDERLEY.  Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, but this is about Manderley the place and the era, not the ex. It’s complicated. Floral ozone over wet green leaves, magnolia, violets, lilies, woods

GLAMP. The Road to Woodstock. Patchouli, rose, camp fire, musk, denim, cheesecloth 

EX LIBRIS. Inspired by the brilliant ‘The Madman’s Library’ (Edward Brooke-Hitching.) Redolent with leather, musk and erudition