Soap Bars (pebble shaped)
Soap Bars (pebble shaped)
Soap Bars (pebble shaped)

Soap Bars (pebble shaped)

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Five Hand crafted soap stones. The ideal soaps for pebble and beach lovers, shaped as realistic pebbles.  This is a 5 stone soap pack ranging in size as in the photograph.

Vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and made with high quality essential and aroma oils and extracts.

Hal of Hove products are made by the sea, so the beach is never far from our minds. Just looking at these makes me happy.

Appropriating Ford’s answer when the original car was being made: yes, they’re available in any colour so long as it’s....pebble grey. For now, that is.  I’m always developing designs and variations, but initially, it’s going to be variations of grey with a selection of gorgeous scents.

If you want scents that make your eyes water with their potency, my products may not be for you. If you love natural aromas and professional accords, then do consider Hal of Hove. We are niche, small and passionate about every aspect of making and offering our products.

We carry very small amounts of pre-made stock, with most made  fresh to order for you (so please allow for this when ordering.) If in doubt, we welcome  enquiries. Turnaround is within one week from order to posting. If any delays are expected, we would discuss it with you.

Each stack has a group weight of between 380-400g. Five pebbles of various shapes and sizes. They look great in groups, stacked or minimally in singles. 

During Covid-19, for human health and safety, Hal of Hove will no longer offer naked products, but we will keep it minimal.

Ingredients list to be added later today