Tonka Tabac, a solid scent
Tonka Tabac, a solid scent

Tonka Tabac, a solid scent

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Tonka bean and tobacco perfume. It says what it is. On the tin. In addition, there’s a refreshing citrus top note that quickly warms through to the smoky and mellow main event. 

Why don’t you turn over a new leaf and swap your liquid perfume for a solid? It’s more travel friendly as it can be taken on airplanes in hand luggage. At 15ml, it’s small enough to fit into a coin purse. 

This is made using gorgeous vegan, organic and alcoholic free ingredients. 

In extreme heat, this product may melt. This is entirely normal. If you are concerned, place it in a leakproof bag/container until you can put it in a fridge to re-harden.

We do not recommend that pregnant women use any cosmetic products without professional advice from a doctor. In addition, please make a patch test prior to regular use, in case of allergies.  

INGREDIENTS (in plain English)

candellila wax

coconut oil

vitamin e

bergamot essential oil [BP free]

tobacco absolute

tonka bean absolute

coumarin aroma