Aroma Block
Aroma Block

Aroma Block

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Aroma block melts.

I have developed these special small aroma blocks as a hybrid between Moroccan perfume base blocks, incense and wax melts.  

They are entirely hand crafted. There are no fragrance oils and very few essential oils in them. Instead, they are made mostly from the ground raw materials and the list is long...including frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, cedar, juniper berries, cloves, zest peels, sandalwood, amyris, cypress, orris, cinnamon and green cardamom.  The binding medium is soy wax. Perfect for people who don't like the smoke from traditional incense.

They should be used by the indirect method of a wax burner for maximum effect. If you like a smokier burn, on charcoal works well.

The fragrance isn't overwhelming, but gently pervasive and the blend is very relaxing. Use by breaking or cutting off small bits and place in the burner receptacle. 

Size: 35x35x35mm. Priced per block