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Hal of Hove

incense burner ash

incense burner ash

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Natural double hand sifted ash made by us, upcycling hearth ash from mostly soft woods.  To be used as incense burner insulation base.

Do not pack down. Keep aerated and fluffy for best effect.  Change out safely (with consideration for fire hazards) when soiled with debris.

Supplied in bigger, approximately 150g bags. Packaging may vary. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Use a fire proof receptacle as a burner and position on a fire/heatproof and level surface away from children/pets/hazards. Place your resin, dried herb, wood or incense pellet/nerikoh on a natural bamboo or lump wood charcoal which is placed on a bed of the ash.  Incense cones, joss and masala sticks may be put directly in the ash.  Light the charcoal before placing in the ash, using care (preferably tongs!) to place them in the ash.  Then add the incense of your choice and enjoy.

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