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fire starter 'coals'

fire starter 'coals'

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Natural and highly effective fire starter 'coals.'  Hand made and developed uniquely by Hal of Hove and made with pure cotton and vegetable waxes.

They benefit from a clean burn and no unpleasant odour. They do not contain any additional ingredients like petrochemicals or hexamine.

They are light to carry, which is excellent for back packers; hard to the touch and water/weather proof.  Excellent for campers, bush craft, barbecues and home hearths and log burners.

For a fast light, crack open to expose fibres and light these for an immediate flame.  They can also be lit unbroken by holding a light to them for a few moments longer. To be frugal, they can be divided and use in small parts.

They burn hard for 6-7 minutes each and entirely for about 10 minutes in ideal conditions.

The flame is quite high - about 6 inches - so use with due caution.  They are NOT candles.  Please use with all the safety concerns of a live flame.

Sold in quantities of 20 per unit.

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