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Hal of Hove

Incense wax melts

Incense wax melts

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Chai spice

An innovation of mine: a hybrid between incense and wax melts. Hand made in small batches. Each block is just over 2.5cm square.

Natural raw incense materials have been ground down, combined with fragrance and suspended in a soy wax base into ice cube sized blocks. They are to be used on a wax melter by indirect heat, instead of burnt. 

Unlike wax melts, these may be re-used until the high percent of naturals is consumed. The benefits also include being smoke free and with a more authentic aroma than fragrance oil wax melts commonly available.

Ingredients include: ground sandalwood, oud, frankincense, myrrh, black styrax, benzoin, clove, cinnamon, orris, juniper berries, olive leaf, cinnamon, clay and specific herbs, spices, woods, absolutes, resins and essential oils for the different varieties. About 75% raw materials suspended in a soy wax base.

INCENSE MELTS SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. To illustrate how much use there is from one small block, the last photo shows how much product is left after a full 4 hour tea light candle burn.


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