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Incense wax melt:Patchouli Rose

Incense wax melt:Patchouli Rose

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An innovation of mine: a hybrid between incense and wax melts. Hand made in small batches.

Natural raw incense materials have been ground down, combined with fragrance and suspended in a soy wax base into ice cube sized blocks. They are to be used on a wax melter by indirect heat, instead of burnt. 

Unlike wax melts, these may be re-used until the high percent of naturals is consumed. The benefits also include being smoke free and with a more authentic aroma than fragrance oil wax melts commonly available.

Ingredients: ground sandal wood, frankincense, myrrh, black styrax, benzoin, clove, cinnamon, orris, juniper berries, clay with rose geranium and patchouli essential oils in a soy wax base

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