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KIS (Keep It Simple) perfume

KIS (Keep It Simple) perfume

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KIS is simple. Simply constructed; simply alluring. It’s based around a specific oud (aquilaria malaccensis) and rare rosewood oil, from the tree and not the flowers. There is a floral sweetness that comes from the rosewood itself, but it is not overt. The oud is rich, complex and a little sharp on its own, but this is smoothed and it’s richness becomes harmonious once blended. Unfussy and a direct celebration of some of Nature’s finest gifts. This is a lighter, airy interpretation and in no way competing with the many splendid heavier ouds. Unisex. 

We produce in tiny annual batches using the finest ingredients. 

ALLERGENS: (naturally occurring) LINALOOL, BENZYL BENZOATE, EUGENOL, FARNESOL. As with all products, do not use if you are allergic/sensitive to any of the ingredients.  Natural does not = allergy free.  Thank you

10ml and 30ml come in travel size atomisers. Minimal packaging

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