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Hal of Hove

Palo Santo Wood (wild crafted)

Palo Santo Wood (wild crafted)

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Palo Santo (B. graveolens) wood. Wild crafted and 100% ethically and sustainably collected from fallen wood in Peru.

Hand cut and deliciously irregular pieces which are all large enough to hold in the hand for ceremonial burning and also fantastic in wood burners, fire pits and ON charcoal discs. The moisture content is between 11-15% which is perfect for burning. 

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) is used as a sacred incense. The scent is sweet, warm, heady and intoxicating in its complex delicacy. It’s a great thing to burn simply to enhance the ambience in a room.

Although self-extinguishing, we advice following the same safety protocols as with a candle. Do not leave unattended, near draughts, on valuable surfaces, near flammable items, pets or children. 

Traditionally burnt in an abalone shell with a feather, to symbolise the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. I have substituted the abalone with British indigenous large scallops, NOT included.

This photo illustrates a quantity of wood pieces. SOLD BY STICK NOT WEIGHT. The photo shows a typical selection.

Subsequent photos show scale in the kits 

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