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Hal of Hove



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3ml sample ATOMISERS of our best selling perfumes, available individually. Create your own gift set of 5 perfumes and they will be delivered in a mini purse. 

Purchasing the gift set, making your own selection, works out cheaper than buying one 10ml perfume!

Available fragrances:

ALTAR, a blend of ancient precious resins, including frankincense, myrrh and benzoin.  Warm, rich, ambery, uplifting.

KIS (Keep It Simple,) a sosphisticated harmony of oud and rosewood with soft musks.

VEIL, great on its own or as a layering perfume. Extremely subtle, fugitive and quietly lingering.

TONKA TABAC, is an assertive statement, balancing notes of tobacco and tonka bean with low-lights of bergamot.

GLAMP, a fantasy perfume recreating halcyon festival days, with an updated twist on patchouli rose, with campfire and a smidge of mud.

THEA, a retro powdery perfume with a hint of lipstick. Violet, iris and musks

COROL, a fresh, sweet and green leafy floral, with a rose dominant.

SAFFY, spicy, woods, musks, roots

All perfumes are vegan and, unless otherwise stated, in a perfume alcohol base.

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